Episode 003 – Are You Tired Of All The Hype About Making Money with Merlin Holmes

Huge results and massive profits are what today’s guest, Merlin Holmes, is after. You do not need to be savvy in technology or possess special skills to follow in Merlin’s footsteps. Merlin started selling products online in his early 20’s. He was a college student who no longer wanted to be in college, but was unsure of what else to do. He spent time teaching himself how to write copy while eating Ramen noodles. Merlin read copy and copied copy to develop his own flow. It was a six month process, but he was dedicated to it. Merlin has 12 years experience under his belt today and shares insight from his story on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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No need to start from scratch.

If you are willing to exercise creativity and do your homework, you do not have to start a business endeavor from scratch. You can build from studying what has already worked in the business of online product marketing. Merlin has tips and tricks from making an offer to the process behind creating your own version. Merlin spent a lot of time dissecting other businesses sales flows. He buys in a sales funnel and learns what works and what does not. He can then model his own from improvements in what has already tested successfully. Starting from scratch is daunting and unnecessary. Learn how to take what has already worked in online markets and build on those foundations for the success of your own business.

Lessons in Launching

In a new launch, Merlin sets out to break even initially. He runs a good campaign test out and does not need to make money right off the bat. If his test phase proves that he’s found a winner, he can add traffic later. The test phase is oftentimes approached backwards by marketers. You do not have to spend a ton of money to make money. You have to find out what is already working and do some rapid prototyping. Merlin creates his own version of an existing offer and tests it out with some traffic. He sells the product as if it was real. If it sells, he then contacts the customers for a money back offer or a shipping delay. He knows instantly if the product is a flop or a success. Instead of spending so much money building a product line before you know if it is going to be profitable, see if people want it. When a product is received favorably, Merlin then shells out the time and money to build and release the product. Listen in for tips you have overlooked in your own business endeavors.

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Sell What Sells

To learn copy and start your own process of writing copy, Merlin recommends Gary Halbert’s website. Gary supplies over two hundred examples that Merlin himself has poured over. He spent over a month reading it, printing it out, and copying it. He found offers that worked the best, pulled them apart and figured out why they worked. The digital goods Merlin is involved in include health, survival preparedness, membership sites, books and basically whatever sells. That is key. The physical goods versus digital goods are two different animals. When deciding your route, the big difference is the considerations to take with physical goods, such as inventory, cost of goods, and expenses. Physical goods might be more daunting, but can prove more profitable. Merlin likes to merge the two and sell both to the same crowd. Find your niche and learn how to sell what sells on this episode.

Improve Incrementally

Merlin has created a name for himself by building recurring billing businesses. He has fine tuned the front end into a successful process. The key to succeeding in marketing requires no special skills, according to Merlin. If you can become a meticulous tester, you are headed in the direction of success. Merlin is constantly testing every aspect of his business without fearing the time it takes to truly test out those aspects. He tests copy, traffic, customer support, product, and every element. He knows that neglecting to test areas means they will eventually fall apart. Listen in for ways to take advantage of the opportunity you have to improve on a small scale to create a hugely profitable business.

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  • [0:36] Introduction of today’s guest, Merlin Holmes.
  • [0:57] Merlin’s backstory.
  • [1:53] How Merlin taught himself to write copy.
  • [2:33] Resources to help you start to learn copy.
  • [3:33] Digital goods space.
  • [4:15] Insight into making an offer.
  • [5:13] Physical goods versus digital goods.
  • [6:00] The test phase and how to get started.
  • [8:37] The launch process.
  • [9:30] What is coming up for Merlin and where he is headed.
  • [10:49] Resources, distractions, and downtime for Merlin.
  • [11:49] The key to succeeding in marketing.


Learning copy: www.thegaryhalbertletter.com


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