Episode 063 – Kelly Roach – Growth Mindset

How do you cultivate a growth mindset? In the business world, leaders are constantly looking for the next strategy or insight to push their organization over the top. Many seminars and books try to tackle this topic with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, what’s needed is a guiding hand, someone who can see where you need to go and give you the tools necessary to thrive. Kelly Roach has the tools leaders are looking for to grow their business. She has years of experience as a Business Growth Specialist. Kelly is passionate about helping entrepreneurs develop a growth mindset for their personal and professional life. Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged to hear how you can experience exponential growth!

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Changing your story

Everyone has a central narrative that drives them. Have you ever thought about you central story? Kelly Roach grew up in a large family with little means. She grew up happy and healthy, but she remembers money being a stressor in her home. As she got older, Kelly sought to change her narrative. Instead of allowing money to hold her back in life, she found out how to use it to accomplish her goals. This change in narrative allowed Kelly to adopt a growth mindset, she became unstoppable! Don’t miss more from Kelly on this inspiring episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

Discovering your self worth

Self worth is one of those areas people often take for granted. You are conditioned from a young age to exhibit traits of humility, so focusing on yourself can be uncomfortable. The other side of this coin is adopting a “Victim mentality.” With this mindset, you focus negatively on yourself. You might find yourself saying things like “I’m worthless.” This line of thinking is destructive and difficult to escape. Business and life coaches like Kelly Roach can help with this negative self worth narrative. To hear more about how you can improve your self worth, listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

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Building a legacy

When they put the epitaph on your grave marker, what will it say? People don’t often think about what impact their life will leave after they have passed away. As many leaders teach, it’s important to look at the end goal and work your way back from there. On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Tony and Kelly Roach discuss the important topic of legacy. Kelly speaks to the impact she is leaving on a daily basis through her business and her hope for long term transformation. If you haven’t considered what your legacy will be, this is an important episode to catch!

One HUGE key to success

As people gather with friends and family for this holiday season an important theme resonates; gratitude. In a time of gift getting and gift giving, gratitude is one thing people often try to pass on to their kids. But kids aren’t the only ones who need to embrace this powerful concept. Kelly Roach teaches her clients and everyone she can, that gratitude matters. She likes to say “Gratitude changes your attitude.” Kelly believes that this more than just a sentimental statement, it has changed her life! She begins and ends every day with a regular practice of expressing gratitude. To hear Kelly speak more on this life changing practice listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged!

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  • [1:16] Tony’s guest today: Kelly Roach – Sales Trainer, Business Coach
  • [1:39] Tony welcomes Kelly to the show.
  • [2:13] Kelly’s story, the cliff notes version.
  • [3:39] Kelly talks about her childhood.
  • [6:11] How do you help people discover their self worth?
  • [7:49] What was it like being an NFL cheerleader?
  • [14:03] Kelly talks about being a podcast host.
  • [15:23] What keeps Kelly up at night?
  • [17:03] Kelly Roach Coaching.
  • [20:02] What do Kelly’s mornings look like?
  • [22:50] What does a typical workday look like for Kelly?
  • [24:44] Kelly talks about her book.
  • [25:37] The best piece of advice Kelly has received.
  • [27:01] What books inspire Kelly?
  • [30:09] Kelly’s gift to the audience.



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