Episode 055 – Julia Lundstrom – On a Mission to Prevent Alzheimer’s

If you have a loved one who is plagued with Alzheimer’s you know the surreal experiences the condition can present. Both Tony and his guest today have experience with relatives who suffer from Alzheimer’s – and Julia Lundstrom is doing something about it. She and her brothers are the force behind Simple Smart Science, a company that specializes in supplements that improve brain health and memory. But Julia didn’t start out there. Her story includes a broken relationship and a bout with depression that she faced and overcame. You can hear her story on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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From deep depression to business success: Julia Lundstrom’s story.

Julia Lundstrom was in relationship with a man for 3 years and toward the end of that time discovered that much of what she’d believed to be true really wasn’t. The man was a pathological liar and the realization threw Julia for a loop. After leaving the relationship she went on a trip to Asia and fell into a very deep depression. But she wasn’t willing to stay in that dark place. She sought answers and eventually found a book that taught her some of the key elements of mental health that helped her climb out of the pit of depression. If you’d like to hear Julia’s story and learn what the book was that helped her, be sure to listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

Why the 1 thing you don’t want to do is the 1 thing you need to do.

One of the lessons Julia learned as she was putting her life back together was that one of the most destructive human tendencies that exist is the urge to put off things that really need to be done. The way Julia says it is that the 1 thing you don’t want to do is the exact thing you probably should do. So she’s made it a habit to notice her own thoughts and the tasks she feels resistant to. Once she identifies her own resistance she tackles it head on and gets to work. You can hear more of how Julia pulled herself out of depression and placed herself on a path to become a world class entrepreneur, on this episode.

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Alzheimer’s is a preventable condition. But you have to know how to prevent it.

One of the motivations behind Julia Lundstrom’s business – Simple Smart Science – is the experience she’s had dealing with family members who suffer from Alzheimer’s. She wasn’t content to leave them helpless under the weight of the condition so she began doing research to see if anything could be done to help. What she and her brothers have discovered is that there are vital nutrients every person needs for optimal brain health and that deficiencies in those nutrients could result in Alzheimer’s or other mental issues. On this episode, you can learn how Julia made the decision to make a difference through the company she and her brothers have built and what the path ahead looks like.

Brain health is something to take seriously now while you can do something about it.

The only cure for Alzheimer’s is prevention. That’s what leading scientists in the area of brain health are saying after realizing that deficiencies in key nutrients are pieces of the puzzle that go together to make Alzheimer’s a reality. Today’s guest, Julia Lundstrom is working alongside her brothers to help people improve their brain’s level of health, including improved memory. You can hear how their company is poised to help thousands through their products, coaching, and information, on this episode.

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  • [1:18] Tony’s guest today: Julia Lundstrom – serial entrepreneur and brain hacker.
  • [2:58] Julia’s story: from there to here.
  • [7:27] How to Julia overcame the chains of depression that entrepreneurs often face.
  • [10:52] Julia’s business relationship with her brothers. How it works practically.
  • [14:30] Lessons Julia’s learned living in other countries.
  • [17:12] The mission behind Julia’s company and how it started again after a miserable failure of a launch.
  • [21:55] The main “pillar of health” that Julia feels she needs to work on.
  • [24:14] How you can connect with Julia.
  • [25:40] The one thing Julia has had to learn: patience.


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From deep #depression to #business #success: Julia Lundstrom’s story Click To Tweet #Alzheimer’s is a #preventable condition. But you have to know how to #prevent it Click To Tweet


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