Episode 054 – Jason Hartman – Income Property as the BEST Long Term Investment

Income properties are just one of the many things Jason Hartman has done over the years to build his investment portfolio, but it’s still the one that he believes is the most advantageous asset class for the average person. On this episode, Jason doesn’t only share his views about income properties, he also tells the story of how he started his own real estate investment business at 19 years of age and has gone on to accomplish so many other things as well. You can learn more about how Jason has done all this and more on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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He built a real estate investment company at 19 years of age.

Jason Hartman is not your typical real estate investor simply because he’s still young but has been doing investments and investment deals for over 20 years. This guy started his own real estate business and began real estate investing at the age of 19 and hasn’t looked back since. He’s learned lots of lessons in a variety of niches within the industry: single family homes, multi-family properties, commercial, fix and flips, and he still comes back to the income producing properties like single family homes as his favorite. Jason explains why he’s so sold on income properties on this episode – and gives some tips for what to watch out for if you’re interested in getting started with income properties.

Jason Hartman’s incredible media company story.

Most people who discover that they enjoy something spend time doing it. That’s how it was for Jason Hartman when he first began his own podcast. But he enjoyed the medium so much that he started his own podcast network. Today Hartman Media hosts 18 financial, investing, business, and real estate shows that are hosted by a number of different professionals – all aimed at helping business owners and entrepreneurs increase their learning and maximize their businesses. On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged Jason tells how the network was first established and the great benefits he’s seen come from the network’s 18 shows.

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How do you measure the results of a podcast?

One of the most mysterious things about the time invested in a podcast is how much bang for the buck it’s really getting. There are podcast stats, kept and made available by the company that hosts the podcaster’s media files, but those stats can be gamed in a variety of ways including a technique known as “Twitter bombing.” Jason Hartman says that the main ROI you want to look at is dollars coming in because of the podcast, which means you have to devise a way to determine if the money coming into your company is directly related to a podcast episode or not. You can hear Jason’s strategies for making sure his podcast is bringing in the bucks, on this episode.

How would you like to settle disputes legally without having to go to court?

Jason Hartman is excited about his newest business idea, one that he calls a “disruptive” business. He and a team are working on the development of an online platform that will be used to help people who are at odds and need resolution, to be able to achieve it through Jason’s website without having to go through the costly expense of court proceedings. It’s an interesting idea and one that Tony explores with Jason on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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  • [0:43] Bullet point outline with time stamps
  • [1:18] Tony’s introduction of Jason Hartman, his guest today.
  • [2:55] The insights Jason has gleaned from doing so many podcast episodes.
  • [5:09] Jason’s experiences traveling and what he recommends if you want to travel.
  • [7:30] How to measure results from a podcast.
  • [10:12] Starting his own business at 19 years of age.
  • [12:43] How Jason’s typical week looks – and why he can’t answer the question easily.
  • [13:55] Things Jason does to disconnect from being connected 24/7.
  • [16:04] What’s on the horizon for Jason here at the end of 2016?
  • [17:33] The thing that inspires Jason: The power and significance of income property.
  • [18:59] Things to be aware of when purchasing income property.
  • [23:54] How you can connect with Jason.



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He built a #RealEstate #investment company at 19 years of age @JasonHartmanROI

How do you measure the results of a #podcast? @JasonHartmanROI


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