Episode 053 – Vernon Foster – How To Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams. You hear people say it a lot these days but how many actually do it? The conversation you hear in this episode is with a guy who has truly put himself on the line when it comes to applying that philosophy. He’s just booked a flight and gotten a passport to move to Columbia (in South America) to do volunteer work and run his business remotely. He firmly believes that as you follow your dreams doors will open to enable you to achieve them. Tony’s guest today is Vernon Foster.

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When you follow your dreams anything can happen.

The reason anything can happen when you dare to follow your dreams is because if you do nothing you will get nothing. You’ve got to take the steps to make a difference in your own life before you’ll make a difference in anybody else’s life. Vernon Foster knows that. It’s the reason he’s been pushing the envelope in a number of areas in his life and is now headed to South America to fulfill the longtime dream of learning a second language and experiencing a different culture. Please, listen to what Vernon’s got to share today. He’s a guy who is doing the work.

A dream without a plan of action is only a wish.

You can’t expect your dreams to happen if you aren’t doing anything to move in their direction. You’ve got to figure it out and take action to make it happen. On this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged, Vernon Foster shares how he’s taken some bold steps to encourage and improve the lives of others through video, podcasting, and a number of other entrepreneurial ventures that are all part of his personal dreams. You’ll be encouraged and inspired by this man who is not waiting around for his dreams to happen.

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Vernon Foster is fulfilling his dream to be a servant leader who helps people heal.

Vernon Foster understands that all of us have wounds that impact us throughout the course of our lives. For many people, it’s those wounds that keep them from pursuing their dreams. Vernon has the goal of helping people get past the wounds so they can move on to the business of pursuing their calling. He wants to do that through creating retreats and other events that allow people the time to process, heal, and become inspired. You can hear more about what Vernon is planning along that line on this episode.

What do you expect from a spontaneous move to a foreign country?

Within a week’s time, Vernon Foster made the decision to pack up his life and move to a foreign country (Columbia) In pursuit of his own dreams. He expects the move to be a time of great personal growth and challenge, but also a time of tremendous learning and fulfillment. Vernon is a guy who walks what he talks, as this decision evidences. You can get to know Vernon a bit and hear what he’s going to be doing in Columbia to continue his work to encourage and bring healing to others, on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

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  • [0:43] Bullet point outline with time stamps
  • [1:18] How Tony got to know Vernon Foster.
  • [3:16] How Vernon has gotten to the place he is currently in.
  • [8:48] Why Vernon is moving to Columbia.
  • [10:00] Why people limit themselves and don’t follow through on their dreams.
  • [11:51] Deciphering what you really need from what you’ve been told you need.
  • [14:42] The work Vernon is doing today: be a servant leader who helps people heal.
  • [19:15] What Vernon expects to happen living in Columbia.
  • [22:26] How you can connect with Vernon.


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