Episode 052 – Kolby Kay – True Life Success: How You Can Make It Happen

Make it happen. That’s the unspoken mantra of today’s guest, Kolby Kay. His adult life is a proven track record of tenacity and personal drive that won’t let up, no matter the obstacles he’s faced. On this episode, Tony chats with Kolby about his journey and what it is that keeps him going even in the hardest times. Kolby is an entrepreneur, author, teacher, student, husband, and father. He spent over 15 years in corporate America as an executive running sales and marketing for companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Dell and many others. Kolby has built, sold, and advised over 20 startups that have generated over 50 million dollars in revenue. There’s a lot you can learn from a guy like that, so don’t miss out.

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Making it happen begins with your mindset – your belief in yourself.

We all have struggles. Everyone experiences obstacles. It’s the inner qualities of drive and tenacity that enable one person to overcome when another doesn’t. Kolby Kay doesn’t believe that the person who overcomes is somehow better than the other person, he believes they have made the decision, the commitment in their own mindset, that nothing is going to stop them from realizing their dreams. On this episode of the podcast, you’re going to hear Kolby’s story of losing everything and rebuilding to an even greater level and how personal belief made it happen. It’s an inspiring story of determination and hard work.

Do you have a sense of urgency that drives you forward?

You should because there’s a lot at stake. People are depending on you – a spouse, kids, maybe aging parents. Your success is not just about you, it’s about the people you care about too. Kolby Kay says that it’s a sense of urgency about the well-being of the people he loves that drives him to build his business bigger and keep reaching for more. It compels him to keep at it when lesser motivations would not be enough. You can hear how Kolby applies this sense of urgency to his roles of business owner, coach, and family man, on this episode.

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There really IS a matrix and you could be caught in it.

On this episode, you’ll hear Kolby Kay describe what he refers to as a real-life Matrix (like the movie). It starts with every youngster who has a dream and the public education that slowly drains that imaginative spirit out of their system. Then they move on to higher education and are saddled with a load of debt in the form of student loans. Once they exit college with loans coming due it seems there’s little choice but to get a 9 to 5 job that serves somebody else’s dream – and the unfulfilling adulthood years begin their slow and steady plod. How do you break out of the matrix? Kolby says that you have to make it happen. And you can if you’re willing to take his advice seriously. Be sure to listen.

Don’t settle for less if there’s anything in you that yearns for more.

The road to your dreams is fraught with peril, danger, and obstacles that threaten to discourage even the most dedicated entrepreneur. But you’ve got to learn to fight for your dreams. A mindset of determination that is unrelenting is something you can’t afford to go without. Kolby Kay walks us through how he developed that kind of mindset and teaches us the benefits it has brought to his life, on this episode. If you miss this one you could be missing one of the most inspirational and invigorating life stories you’ve ever heard.

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  • [0:54] Tony’s introduction of his guest today, Kolby Kay.
  • [1:45] Kolby’s journey from the beginning to where he is today.
  • [7:47] The painful and scary transition from a successful company to the 9 to 5.
  • [15:25] The sense of urgency that drives Kolby.
  • [17:54] How Kolby keeps going when discouragement hits.
  • [20:03] Success without people to share it with is nothing.
  • [22:17] The typical American grind that leads to misery and unhappiness.
  • [24:19] The background that has made Kolby into a coach and mentor.
  • [29:59] How you can connect with Kolby and one thing he wants to share with you.

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