Episode 044 – Jeff Leo Herrmann – Content Marketing and Social Selling for Anyone

Content Marketing is the new way to sell.

It’s the task of creating such great value and showcasing your expertise that people find you and come to you to get their needs met in your area of expertise. Today’s guest is Jeff Leo Herrmann, an experienced content marketer and coach who teaches business leaders how to leverage their online presence in a way that really matters, utilizing the tools that are available to get their brand in front of the people that matter. You’re going to enjoy this conversation between Tony and Jeff and learn a lot about what it takes to succeed with content marketing in today’s crowded social media platforms.

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If you aren’t able to effectively use content marketing, you’ll be left behind.

Gone are the days when you could purchase advertising space in a publication and expect to have people beat down your doors in response. Buyers are more savvy than that these days. They want proof that you’re the expert you claim to be and in many cases it’s what is being called “social proof.” That means you’ve got to demonstrate your skill or knowledge through content that others can easily find and digest. Jeff Leo Herrmann chats with Tony G. on this episode about what content marketing is and how it positions businesses in front of their niche market in a way that generates inbound leads without a heavy handed sales approach.

If you’re not targeting somebody, you’re targeting nobody.

One of the primary tenets of content marketing is that you have to be targeting a very specific avatar or ideal customer. You need to know who they are, what they like, and how they make decisions. All of that information is available somewhere online, you just have to know how to find it and make the best use of it. If you’re not building a content marketing strategy around that niched-in approach for a specific customer, you’re really targeting nobody. Jeff Leo Herrmann shares how content marketing is done these days and gives lots of tips for how to get yourself on the right marketing track, on this episode.

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A good content marketing strategy requires consistency.

There is more and more research these days showing that customers need 7 or more touches with you or your brand before they will even consider making a purchase from you. That means you’ve not only got to be putting out great content, you’ve got to be doing it consistently. Jeff Leo Herrmann shares how businesses can begin doing that via social media and how content marketing leads to what he calls “social selling,” on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

Don’t wait to be perfect, just jump in and get started.

Jeff Leo Herrmann says that one of the things that drives him crazy is when people talk about the things they want to accomplish but don’t take action to make it happen. Too often he sees people waiting until they get everything dialed in just right before they will make even the slightest movement. His advice: Don’t wait for it to be perfect, just jump in and get started. What you’ll discover is that things are much easier to perfect once you’re actually doing them. Your systems will expose their own weaknesses and your customers will provide truly valuable feedback to help you make things better.

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  • [1:17] Tony’s introduction of today’s guest, Jeff Leo Herrmann.
  • [1:40] The cliff notes version of Jeff’s life and journey.
  • [3:15] The trigger point that made Jeff feel he had to get out of corporate.
  • [6:15] What Jeff is doing right now: Content Marketing & Social Selling.
  • [8:15] An example of how Jeff can help a company get more exposure and reach.
  • [13:40] How Jeff sets 3 primary goals for himself and his business.
  • [14:46] What Jeff likes to do when he’s not working.
  • [17:23] Jeff’s mentors and partners in life.
  • [18:58] The greatest piece of wisdom Jeff has ever heard.
  • [20:59] The first thing Jeff thinks about each morning.
  • [21:29] The thing that drives Jeff crazy in business and in life.
  • [23:48] Things Jeff wishes he’d have done differently on his journey.
  • [24:30] How to connect with Jeff.


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If you aren’t able to effectively use #ContentMarketing, you’ll be left behind Click To Tweet A good #ContentMarketing strategy requires consistency - on this episode Click To Tweet

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