Episode 041 – Craig Garber – Marketing Lead Generation Strategist and Successful Copywriter

When it comes to not only knowing the skills that go into successful marketing communication but also knowing how to apply them, Craig Garber is your man. Craig has had a fascinating journey from CPA (a bad fit) to financial advisor to his current role as a successful marketing strategist for various entrepreneurs and companies. This episode is a chat between two friends, Tony asking the questions and Craig giving his typical gut level, honest answers about his journey, his insights into marketing communication and copywriting, and the lessons he’s learned on the bumpy road to success.

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Meet the guy who hounded Gary Halbert until he caved in.

“Persistent” doesn’t even begin to describe Craig Garber. At one point on the path to his current profession as a marketing communication expert he decided that he wanted to hone his skills as a direct response copywriter. Most people would grab an online course on the subject, but Craig sent an email to Gary Halbert – the top direct response copywriter ever. When he didn’t get a response, he didn’t give up. In fact, his persistence build a real friendship between the two and earned him a place alongside the most successful marketing minds in history. You can hear Craig tell the story himself – how he hounded Gary Halbert until he caved in – on this episode.

Add value first before you worry about getting paid.

We hear the term “adding value” a lot these days, and for good reason. There has been far too much time spent in past years trying to convince people to buy things, when what’s really needed is a demonstration of why the things being sold are of value to people. Costco has it right. People need a taste to know how good the product is. Craig Garber emphasizes the importance of providing value first in this wide ranging conversation with Tony G. His belief is that any kind of communication you do while marketing has to first add value to the person on the other side of the conversation. If it doesn’t you’re not adding value, you’re just selling.

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In marketing communication the copy becomes the means to the end.

There’s no mystery to copywriting. It’s purpose is very clear. The words on the page (or webpage) are there to lead you down a path that ends in a purchase. Craig Garber believes that a copywriter’s job is to be honest about that fact. There should be nothing covert or dodgy, just honesty about why the reader is there (to find out more about a product’s ability to solve their problem) and transparency about what the writer has to offer that can help them. When those two things line up – a sale happens – and the copy was the means that moved the potential buyer to the place of being an actual buyer. If you want to learn about that kind of effective marketing communication, Craig Garber is your guy, and he’s sharing his insights on this episode of entrepreneur unplugged.

Don’t speak to people in print in ways you’d never speak to them in real life.

You’d never walk up to someone and begin speaking to them in a loud voice, arms flailing, trying to convince them that what you’re about to tell them is the greatest thing since the invention of the internet. Why? Not only would it be a bit weird, it’s fake. People don’t generally talk that way. So why should sales copy or other forms of marketing communication be that way? Craig Garber is a very successful copywriter and marketing consultant, but he absolutely hates it when any form of print media speaks to him in ways that a person would never speak to him in real life. Find out how Craig suggests you can make your sales copy more authentic and real, on this episode.

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  • [1:20] Tony’s introduction of Craig Garber.
  • [2:15] The basics of Craig’s story: CPA to Financial Planning to Marketing Strategist.
  • [11:00] How Gary Halbert taught Craig the strategy behind copywriting and marketing.
  • [13:26] What it was like to work with Gary Halbert.
  • [17:10] Basics of great communication: It’s about listening – even when you’re writing.
  • [19:15] The psychology behind copywriting for high ticket items.
  • [24:15] Craig’s biggest takeaways from being a parent.
  • [31:36] The difficulty Craig has had seeking mentors.
  • [35:17] The hero Craig would be if he could be.
  • [35:59] With $500 to start a business, here’s what Craig would do.
  • [36:27] The things that make Craig cry and laugh.
  • [37:18] The most amazing joy in Craig’s life is his relationship with his wife.
  • [40:29] A key lesson Craig shares: Figure out what your role is in everything.



Meet the guy who hounded Gary Halbert until he caved in, on this episode Click To Tweet

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