Episode 002 – Peter Lynch : Get some scars so you know you showed up

Today’s guest, Peter Lynch, has a passion for influence and for building things through entrepreneurship. Peter, a cul-de-sac startup entrepreneur, was recently a speaker for TEDxMileHigh. Peter is a global operations executive at Western Union, with a focus in global training, communications, and change management. He recently founded and is CEO of Digital Fridge, a five-star-rated iPhone app. His cul-de-sac startup synopsis is three simple things: find something that feels like play, find ways to accelerate what you are doing, and surround yourself with amazing people. Listen in to this episode as Peter Lynch and Tony G. dissect the experience of presenting at TEDx and lessons learned along an entrepreneur’s path. 

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Finding capacity for your passion projects

If he wasn’t busy enough with Western Union and TEDx, Peter Lynch also found time to create an app. Digital Fridge, a three year passion project process, has now been downloaded in over 70 countries. How does he find the time for family, relaxing, and all of these projects? Peter explains, with an interactive demonstration, that we all hold some capacity back, except for in play. It all starts with play. Peter found capacity when he did things that felt like play. Teaching, coaching, even his TEDx talk was less difficult to present than people might think, because he was talking about something he loves and is at his core. Peter finds the capacity for his projects and success by going after what he loves.

Poll: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Responses to Tony G’s poll: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? provided insight to what holds people back. Is it the fear of failure? Or the fear of not trying? Why do people wait to pursue their dreams? Peter’s experience is one of moving on from failure without any loss of enthusiasm. Peter’s TEDx presentation did not have him feeling scared. Instead, he was “jazzed” because he was operating out of a flow. When you live out of your flow, you’ve found where you’re supposed to be. Some people might feel stuck and unable to see the way out. So many people just don’t want to try or are just plain comfortable. It’s time to take a step out of your comfort zone, with Peter and Tony G. leading the way. They both offer examples and stories from their journeys and “leaps of faith.” This episode will leave you without excuses to do whatever it is that you’re afraid to fail at.

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Wasting our time waiting for perfection

Presenting at TEDx allowed Peter Lynch to taste fulfillment.  Peter knew that “perfect” is the enemy of getting things done. He reached past his comfort zone and embraced the crowd of over 2300 attendees at TEDx Mile High. So, how do you get people unstuck and into massive action like Peter? Tony G. dives into how difficult it is to motivate people to the “there.” It’s easier to talk about how bad the “here” is. What does it mean to be stuck? And what are the implications of being stuck? Something Peter uses is called “The Ugly Baby” syndrome. Everyone has seen an ugly baby, but nobody has had an ugly baby. When it’s your baby, or your path, then you fully embrace it. You have to own and believe this is your baby. Then it becomes beautiful and you’ll do anything for that baby. Peter’s own “stuck” spot is his health. He gets vulnerable as the pair works towards a breakthrough with Peter’s health. It’s small changes, for lasting change, on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.

Community, accountability, and connection directly influence success

You are more likely to find success and freedom from being “stuck” if you are able to admit out loud to someone that you have a problem. Peter and Tony G. discuss the power of speaking your weakness and your goals. This invites people into community and into a space where growth can occur. On this episode, as well as in Peter’s TEDx talk, he references Harvard’s study on diets and their results. Results were consistently minimal, unless the ingredient of community was added. The diets with the highest results came from community and accountability in the diet. Speaking out loud creates room for outside influence. Declare your dreams to someone and you have instant accountability. This is true of diets but also applies to business endeavors.  Successful entrepreneurs are helping other entrepreneurs become successful in other areas of your life. Join us for this discussion and invitation to collaborate, for your own success.

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  • [0:36] Tony’s welcome and introduction of guest Peter Lynch.
  • [1:07] Peter’s role and work at Western Union.
  • [1:26] Peter’s passions outside of his corporate job.
  • [1:45] TEDxMileHigh: Peter’s experience and proposal process.
  • [3:14] Synopsis of the cul-de-sac start up.
  • [3:38] Side work, passion projects and finding capacity.
  • [6:35] Poll Results: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • [7:53] Wasting your time waiting for perfection.
  • [10:58] The opportunities and doors that TEDx opened up for Peter Lynch.
  • [12:09] Other speakers and talks from TEDxMileHigh.
  • [13:30] Reaching beyond your comfort zone, into massive action.
  • [15:23] The “Ugly Baby Syndrome.”
  • [15:57] Peter Lynch’s “stuck” place and struggle with health.
  • [18:47] The role that community, accountability, and connection play in your success.
  • [20:44] How to learn more about and connect with Peter Lynch.


Youtube TEDxMileHigh: Cul-de-sac Startup

Peter Lynch’s “Digital Fridge” App: http://www.digitalfridgeapp.com

Peter Lynch: @bizandthegeek on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blab


The “Ugly Baby” syndrome, on this episode of #EntrepreneurUnplugged. Click To Tweet

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