“You used to be the strongest man I know, and now you’re the weakest.”

Over 8 years ago, my life was falling apart. Everything I cherished was slowly crumbling around me…and it was entirely my fault.

Hey. I’m Tony G., and I was an alcoholic. The quote you see above was the words my son said to me right before I finally got sober. It was like a punch in the heart. And, before I lost it all, I had to make some major changes.

TonyG5I’ve spent over 16 years running one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.A. When you consider that I was an addict for most of those years, you begin to realize that entrepreneurship isn’t just about your bottom line, it’s also about finding fulfillment in life, love & a bigger mission.

“Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a straight line.”

I decided to launch the Tony G. Show as a way to help others that, no matter how complicated your business obstacles, you can bounce back.

Part of going on a journey means that sometimes you’ll feel like success is simply unattainable. Sometimes you’ll lose the map (like I did!) entirely. And sometimes, you’ll set yourself on autopilot for a smooth cruise.

Thriving in life isn’t about how much money you make, or crossing off arbitrary goals on a bucket list. It is a focus on how we can help others – and what we have to learn from those who have overcome challenges in their businesses as well.

“If I change my behaviors, I can also change my direction in life.”

The Tony G. Show will feature guests from every walk of life. The podcast doesn’t focus on a specific achievement, but rather the holistic approach to our lifestyles that keeps us all in balance.

My mantra in business has become that if I can’t help you, I’ll find you someone who can. Simply, it is this focus on serving each other as a community of business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs that will help us all continue to be strong – no matter what life happens to throw into the mix.

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